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Open Source Enterprise Java Framework
for Dynamic Web Applications
Speedy Framework is an open source enterprise Java framework for faster and easier dynamic web application development. It provides a modular and integrated development environment by combining widely used technologies and frameworks. Speedy offers reusable enterprise middleware services, required by almost any web application you start developing today. It helps you develop fully functional and dynamic enterprise web applications from day one.

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Key Features

Dynamic UI Design

UI components in pages can be rearranged easily at runtime using drag and drop functionality. You can also employ one of those ready to use built-in UI templates, in order to place UI components in it, or create your own.


Speedy Framework provides you with a built-in dashboard feature so that you can develop small UI widgets to display on it. It is fully customizable for each individual user in the system.


Speedy Framework supports developing multi-tenant applications on a shared database. Beside keeping private tenant data in strict isolation, developing inter-tenant scenarios is also possible for administrative purposes.

Soft Delete

Soft-delete facility is available to use in order to delete data in logical terms only. Data aren't removed from database permanently, and it is always possible to recover them, or get rid of them permanently.



Beside login with username and password, Speedy Framework supports several other authentication protocols including LDAP and OAuth2. Users can be authenticated with their existing social media accounts, as well.


Both role and permission based access control for secure objects are supported by Speedy. Authorization rules can be modified in runtime and changes are activated immediately.

User Substitution

Users can perform some operations on behalf of other users. Substitution rules can be configured and audit logs hold information related with both actual user and substituted user.

Page Level Security

Speedy Framework provides configurable page level security feature. Read/write access privileges to any UI field and actions on any page can be specified for individual users, roles and user groups.

Dynamic Reporting

New reports can be designed from scratch and existing reports can be modified completely at runtime. Visual modifications can be done easily with drag and drop support for report elements.

Customizable I18N

Localized messages can be modified at runtime. With cooperation of dynamic UI and report generation modules, multi-lingual UI screens and reports can be developed without hassle.

Audit Logging

Service and entity level audit logging can be configured declaratively and system administrators can keep track of method invocations and see which part of any entity has been changed by whom and when.

Pluggable Modules

Speedy modules can be integrated together like plug-ins. They can enrich capabilities of other modules, change their configurations, and add extra functionalities.


Instead of reinventing the wheel, we aim to maximize benefits of industry proven technologies by bringing them together and filling the gaps. The result is all those value added features provided by Speedy Framework.
Spring Boot

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone Spring based web applications. It provides starters for several requirements and production-ready features such as metrics and health checks.

Spring Framework

Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications - on any kind of runtime environment.


Vaadin Framework is a Java UI framework and library that simplifies front end development of web applications. Your code is written in Java and executed on the server’s JVM.


Hibernate enables you to develop persistent classes following natural object-oriented idioms including inheritance, polymorphism, association, composition, and the Java collections framework.

Jasper Reports

JasperReports is one of the most popular open source reporting engines. It is entirely written in Java, and is able to use data coming from any kind of data source to produce pixel-perfect report documents.


EhCache is an open source, standards-based cache that boosts performance by relieving database load, and improving scalability. It's one of the most widely-used Java-based caches in enterprise world.